Thursday, March 11, 2010

Library and paper bag puppets

I rarely, rarely, ever venture out of the house alone with all four kids. It's just too much. I honestly think I've done it fewer than five times, and at least two of those were for doctor's appointments that I absolutely had to take them all to because Curtis was in court and not able to watch them.

Anywho, on Wednesday I decided to take them to the library for story hour. I've done it a few times in the past but not since Betty was born. Kathryn has been asking to go again for a while so...I gave in.

Trying to get them all dressed in time for 10 a.m. story hour...oh boy. You've heard of the phrase "herding cats?" Well, try getting those cats in clean underwear and shoes. Holy smokes.
So, we walk into the children's area and...oh dear, I forgot about the craft! They always do a craft after the stories and there it is, all laid out on the table, the paper cutouts, the crayons, the glue sticks. How am I supposed to help three kids with a craft while holding Betty, who never lets me put her down?!

Well, thank heaven for other mothers with fewer children than me who kindly helped the girls stick on their elephants' tusks and fished the glue stick cap out of Dexter's mouth.
The girls had so much fun making their paper bag elephant puppets that today they asked, ever so cutely, if we could make puppets here at home. So, we did.
Dexter enjoyed the buttons. Big jars of buttons are fun.
(Check out that goose egg on his forehead. He was jumping on the bed after bathtime a few nights ago and crashed.)Really, buttons are fun. The girls just kept glueing and glueing them on. Less is not more for these kids.
Fun, huh?
And, just because she's cute. So tired after our trip to the library on Wednesday! I'd just fall asleep like that if I could, too.


Libby said...

Love love love your blog, Abbey.
Will be home next week. See you soon!

Anonymous said...

Cute bags! I need to venture out to Story Time. I went once years ago when I just had Henry & it was standing room only! I'm like, 'this is lame!!' I'll have to try it again!

Katie Casas said...

Fun! I remember making paper bag puppets -it's a good time. I like the cloth strips -pretty.