Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Laundry swimming

I went to get the kids dressed this morning and realized I had tons of clean laundry and couldn't find a THING for them to wear. Nothing was folded and it was just in piles, all confusing-like. So, I hauled several baskets out of the laundry room and onto the kitchen/living room floor. I left the room for a minute and came back to nearly naked kids "swimming" in the laundry. At least, that's what they told me they were doing.

Here Kathryn was being the lifeguard and saving Viv.

They had even set up a chair to be the lifeguard's chair and our little coffee table was the diving board.

Immediately after this shot I instituted a "no jumping over Betty" rule.

Dex did an impressive cannonball.

Betty just loved the whole show.

They jumped and swam for a good half an hour until I actually found complete outfits for all of them, wrestled them into them and shooed them outside to play. It was a gorgeous day!


Dawnelle Anderson said...

those are some cute pictures, kids love everything but toys. Boxes are the best inventions ever

Katie Casas said...

Oh my heavens! These are some of the coolest pictures ever! Seriously. I love them, Abbey.

Libby said...

Ha ha ha ha!! I always laugh at your blog--it's so funny! Thanks for keeping up with it. I know you've got tons of other stuff to do, but it's worth the trouble, I think.