Friday, January 29, 2010

Diploma Wall

Curtis sometimes gets a little carried away. Exhibit A: our diploma wall. Until recently, it was a fairly compact display of diplomas and certificates from the two of us and our grandparents. In the past few months, we have acquired more family history in the form of...a bunch more diplomas and certificates (thanks Lorna and Dad (Norman)). So, of course, he puts 'em all up.

Wow, huh?

I think it looks cool. And more than looking cool, Curtis (and I) really hope that this exposure to marriage certificates, diplomas, insurance agency credentials, church ordinations, Red Cross first aid certification and the like (it's an odd assortment!) will help our kids grow up with a sense of their rich family heritage.

This is a great room to sit in and just look around. There's a whole lot of family stuff in here that Curtis has spent a lot of time displaying, and even better, he spends a lot of time explaining it to the kids. These kids will know where they come from. I think it's great.


Gwennie said...

Ok you guys live in a museum...nice :)

Amanda said...

Love the blog! You'll have to visit mine... very much the same except I have three boys!!
My washer is filled with blue (and the occasional toy knight or race car!)

Run Lori Run said...

What a great idea! I have some old ones in my family too, how nice to display them...