Thursday, January 14, 2010

Still getting the hang of this...

This whole posting on a regular basis is proving to be more of a challenge than I had anticipated. I just need to get into the habit, I guess. I'll add this to the list of things I need to be more on top of (hah!).
So, a few photos to post here. First, the kids playing with Play-Doh they got for Christmas (just the Play-Doh - all the fun plastic toys were a gift from Henrik and Lara a few years back - the kids love them).

Kathryn wanted me to take pictures of her creations so Grandma Rice could see what she made. Unfortunately, I only photographed the process, not the final product (I'm not sure why...I guess I got distracted). The little bits of Play-Doh are petals for flowers.

Dexter is getting old enough now that he can get in on the Play-Doh fun. He's still a bit of a Godzilla-esque grabber/destroyer, but for the most part he can be kept in line. More or less.
Betty, on the other hand, views Play-Doh solely as a fun chewy snack, so all Play-Doh play sessions will now be conducted when Betty is napping. Sorry, kiddo.

Moving on...

laundry. !!!!

I'm in desperate need of some motivation to get the family laundry situation under control. This poor little fellow will remain naked if I don't. Curtis asked me why I was taking pictures of the mess - most blogs (at least the cool crafty blogs I check out) only show pictures of the pretty stuff in their lives. Who knows? Maybe that's all they have - no messes. Unfortunately, we have a lot of messes here. I'm thinking of posting a weekly mess shot - Mess Of The Week - MOTW. Keep myself humble. Because I am planning on unabashedly showing pictures of pretty baked goods and cool sewing projects. And I still plan on moving the ugly stuff out of the background before I take pictures of the kids (the dirty dishes on the table, the broken crayons and ripped coloring books on the floor - you know, real life).

Keeping with the laundry theme - does anyone else find themselves doing entire loads of pink? I guess that's what happens when you have three girls.

Last photos I have been meaning to post.

Here's a blueberry-raspberry pie-tart thingy.

I think there's a real name for it but I can't think of what it is. A rustic-something-or-other. Martha makes them, I've seen her do it. It's a legit baked good, really. But, truth be told, it's what I made because I wanted to bring something to a friend and I was too tired (lazy?) to make a real pie with two crusts and a fluted edge and the whole bit. At any rate, my friend (who was in a nursing home recovering from a broken hip - he went home this week) seemed happy to get it, whatever it was. I made one for us, too, and it was tasty.

Look at that crust...mmmm. It was good, I'm not afraid to say it. Pat myself on the back.

And...just because he's so darn cute.

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Reagan Family said...

Hey Abbey - I just found your blog; you have an adorable family. I just wanted to assure you that although I only have one girl, I too can do a full load of pink/red!