Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Getting into the habit

I'm trying to get into the habit of regular posting, even if there's nothing too interesting to report. So, if you're looking for some good food for thought, I recommend you stop reading this particular post now, because this is more of an exercise in habit-forming than anything else.
I'm realizing I need to be thinking more like a blogger if I'm actually going to do this thing. I've missed several "blog-worthy" events (well, blog-worthy in our lives...you know). Curtis and I had our ninth anniversary (hooray!) last week and I forgot to take a photo of the breakfast in bed that Curtis made (breakfast in bed is sort of his thing for special occasions) and didn't think to take the camera when we went out to dinner that night. It's too bad, really. Curtis really does it up with breakfast in bed - he cut up a fresh pineapple and arranged it very artfully with the cut-off top perched on the bowl of fruit. He also had a bowl of my favorite cereal (Quaker Oatmeal Squares - I could live on those with milk and raisins) with fresh fruit arranged symmetrically on top, orange juice and a stack of toast. The large amount of toast was wise, as we always end up with all of our children in bed with us in the morning, and if I wanted to have any of my cereal we had to have something else to feed the kids, and they love toast. The kids think breakfast in bed is super-fun. Curtis and I decided that breakfast in bed used to be super fun for us. Now, with all those wiggly bodies in bed, spilled oj and a nice layer of toast crumbs on the sheets...yeah, breakfast in bed might have to be put aside for a few years. We'll see. I do love the specialness of it all, though, and think it's very sweet of Curtis to do it.

We did get a very cute card from our dear "big" girls. Nain (my mother) was here for a visit and helped them make the card that afternoon. I love it.

Dexter had a doctor appointment this morning that Curtis was able to take him to. Curtis said Dex was a real trooper, even with the shot. I gave Curtis a little packet of fruit snacks (Dexter's FAVORITE THING IN THE WHOLE WORLD THEY ARE THE MOST DELICIOUS TREAT EVER) to give him after the shot. Dex has a thing where he likes to hang on to his last fruit snack for as long as possible, and when they got back home he was still clutching that last precious jewel of a fruit snack. It had made it through the trip to the grocery store and the post-doctor appointment McDonald's visit. I'm not sure if he actually ever ate it. I'll probably find it smooshed into the carpet tomorrow morning or something. Oh well.

I had meant to give Curtis this camera for the doctor appointment but, again, I forgot. Like I said, this blog is not going to be fascinating for the world at large, but I like the idea of documenting our day-to-day lives. Another friend who has small children and a blog uses her blog as a sort of family journal and then has all the posts (including photos) made into a yearly book through some website. I love that idea.

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aprill said...

abbey! your kiddos are so incredibly cute! i love this glimpse into your daily life. and the MOTW thing? brilliant! i tend to get a little irritated with blogs that are all pretty all the time. i am all for keeping it real!