Friday, January 22, 2010

Dental work and dinner

I had some unpleasant dental work done Wednesday morning – two and a half hours in the chair and a seriously aching jaw for the rest of the day. Yuck. They’re all very nice at my dentist’s office, so that helps, but still. Not much fun. All I wanted to do when I got home was lay on the couch and make more yo-yos like this:

I’m a little obsessed with yo-yos lately, which are little fabric circles that are gathered and stitched. People make lots of things out of them, from pillow tops and garlands to entire quilts. You can see a yo-yo tablecloth in Meg Ryan's house in "Sleepless in Seattle." It's yellow and super cool. I love the whole look of her house in that movie! Seriously, what a great set designer they must have had. But I digress.

These particular ones will be made into a Valentine’s Day garland to hang on our mantle. I’ll show you when it’s done.

But…lying on the couch is not really an option with the four kiddos running around. So instead I took two Aleve and worked out of my grumpiness by making soup and rolls. This roll recipe is my new favorite – it’s so good! It’s from a cookbook that my sister-in-law Stephanie put together for her ward out in Utah (thanks for buying me the cookbook, Lorna!). Here’s the recipe in case you want to make these tasty (but not so low-cal) treats:

Crescent Rolls

2 cups warm water

2/3 instant dry milk (can use 2/3 cup warm milk instead of water and dry milk)

½ cup butter, melted

1 tablespoon yeast

½ cup sugar

½ cup instant dry potatoes (not pearls)

1 ½ tsp salt

2 eggs

4-5 cups flour

extra melted butter for brushing on (optional)

Mix in order given. Knead about 8 minutes.

Let rise one time, about an hour, punch down. Divide into two pieces.

Roll or pat each piece into a 16-inch circle. Brush with extra melted butter if desired. Cut each circle into 12 wedges using pizza cutter.

Roll up starting at the wide end. Place on greased baking sheet with point underneath.

Cover with plastic wrap that has been sprayed with oil. Let rise 30-40 minutes or until about double. Bake at 375 degrees for 10-15 minutes or until golden brown.

Make sure you actually let these rolls rise enough both times. It really makes a difference in their degree of deliciousness (they tend to be a bit gummy if under-risen).

The soup was just your basic chicken soup with pasta and veggies.

I put alphabet pasta in also, for the kids. Kathryn has just decided that the letter A is her favorite letter (???) and so she was intent on finding an A. She had a hard time finding one and at one point got really frustrated and declared "This is the worst day EVER!" Gee, kid, I want your bad days.

And, finally, a last shot. Just because she’s so darn cute!


Stephanie said...

I didn't know they were called "yo-yo's". I have seen them hot glued with an aligator clip and used as hair bows. Either way they are cute. :)

Dawnelle Anderson said...

Hey, I just wanted to say thank you for the coloring book for Bryson. That was so thoughtful. I am waiting for him to get better so he can make his own thank you cards, but I wanted you to know we got it.
Dawnelle Anderson