Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Smoothies and Mess of the Week

I made smoothies this morning for breakfast, which the kids love. Chuck a bunch of frozen berries and bananas into the blender along with yogurt and milk and voila! Happy Breakfast. They also had oatcakes, which are like oat crackers, really. Tasty and easy to make.

Kathryn and Vivian love to drink theirs with a straw ("T-Rex style" Kathryn kept saying this morning. I think it has more to do with how she was holding her hands than with the straw...? Like tiny little dinosaur hands?)

Dex has yet to master the straw, so he gets his in a bowl with a spoon.

This was the before shot:

This was the after shot:

I was thinking of using this as the mess of the week shot, but really. That's kind of a pretend mess, plus the smoothie is sort of a pretty color. So, in the interest if blog-integrity, here's the MOTW shot:

Also, in the interest of full-disclosure, this counter got a LOT messier after I took the photo with the addition of a box of Cheerios, a sodden bib, more dirty dishes, a set of confiscated blocks (because Dex WOULD NOT STOP THROWING THE STUPID BLOCKS) and a half full baby bottle. I thought about taking another photo, but at that point I had already offloaded this one and who the heck wants to go through the hassle of taking another photo, offloading it, blah blah blah, just to show you all how ridiculous my counter got? Yeah, you wouldn't do it either.


Anonymous said...

Huzzah! I thought the day would never come : ) (and I just prayed everyday that it would!)So happy to be able to keep tabs on you here.


The Rice Family said...

You're the inspiration, Morgan...

Stephanie said...

How fun to keep up with your family from so far away. By the way I am so with you on all the messes. . .you just get them cleaned up and there is another one in another room. Keep up the great work!!

Ashley said...

So nice of you to post your blog address on your FB page. Your children are absolutely adorable. So beautiful. You look beautiful. If you want to message me on FB sometime, I would love to email you an invite to view our blog. It's so nice to see what is going on in your little corner of the world. This is Ashley Yorgesen, by the way. :)