Wednesday, January 27, 2010

On the town

Curtis needed to get a haircut today so we got the kids in their coats and he took them downtown for a little outing.

Quite the posse, huh?
First they went to the bank, where they know they'll get stickers from the tellers.

Then they went to the barbershop. The barber always has lollipops for them - so exciting!

Here's the man who's brave enough to venture out with all three of them. He's kind of a superstar.


libby said...

These kids are so darn cute! And yes, Curtis is a superstar!

Caron said...
Abbey,Here is Katies blog, you can access all the others from there.It's easier than putting them all in! I LOVE the from the top tub pic! I think it could win a photo contest!