Monday, May 17, 2010

Chickies, cupcakes and playground antics

We had a super two days at my parents' house this weekend. Lots of food, fun and family togetherness. As always, we miss those in our family who live too far away to come for the weekend. :(

Kathryn was OVER THE MOON about the new baby chicks at Joey and Tami's. Cute story about the chicks: Joey and Tami thought that this particular hen had met an untimely end as they had not seen her for a week or more, and then one day she comes marching back out of the woods with eight little chickies trailing along behind her! Apparently she wanted some privacy to hatch her little family. So cute!

Anyway, Kathryn was thrilled to be so up close and personal with the chicks. I let her have the camera and she took nine zillion photos, including these.
I love the one she took of herself patting the chicken.

She took this one too and I think it's cool.

We had about 25 people for dinner Saturday night - Mexican. Mmmm.

Then, we had cupcakes to celebrate Betty's birthday. The men were so funny about the cupcakes. Several times during the day a couple of the guys would disappear into the pantry where the cupcakes were, they'd stay in there for a few minutes then come back out trying to look all innocent while they wiped pink frosting from the corner of their mouths or discreetly throw away a cupcake wrapper. Smooth. It's a good thing I made a boatload of cupcakes.

Betty was super duper excited about her cupcake. She would take a bite and then do a little wiggle dance in her high chair because she was so thrilled. Katie's friend Jess couldn't stop laughing. It was pretty darned cute.

Iris had a t-ball game on Sunday afternoon at my old elementary school, Prescott Memorial. Jesse coaches her team.

As t-ball is apparently only interesting for the first five minutes, the kids spent the rest of the time on the playground, where Curtis got some great shots.


Gwennie said...

Great pix Ab...again, makes me miss home :(

Anonymous said...

How do your kids do keeping all of your family straight? My kids make some pretty funny mistakes with my siblings names sometimes.