Tuesday, May 18, 2010

MOTW photo essay

Or, rather, a fancy way of saying a bunch of shots of dirty dishes.
Feeling rather unmotivated in the cleaning the kitchen department.
Skillet with last night's scrambled egg dinner remains. (Also a bit unmotivated in the food prep department...lots of meals lately of sandwiches and veggies, or crackers and cheese and grapes...they are getting good nutrition, just not very interesting nutrition.)

Broccoli water from yesterday's lunch of grilled cheese and broccoli.

From this morning's smoothies.

Bread drying out. I did put that away immediately after taking this shot. I might be lazy but I don't really want to waste all that bread.

I put the yogurt away, too.

The dishes, however are still in the sink. I chose to do an unneccessary post instead of taking care of my real life. That's just where my head is this morning.
p.s. I started washing the dishes while waiting for these photos to upload. I am well on my way to being a respectable homemaker again.


Elizabeth said...

I missed your MOTW ;) I had one going in my kitchen a bit ago, but now thankfully I had enough energy to get it all cleaned up.

Letters to Twilight said...

who has time for dishes when theres pictures to take and blogs to write?!

thanks for the comment today!