Thursday, May 13, 2010

We'll have a real yard someday!

Curtis has been working so hard lately on getting the yard ready to grow some actual GRASS and we are very excited about it.

We have expanded our usable play space for the kids by a lot and I cannot wait for the kids to have something besides dirt or asphalt to play on. Seriously, we live in Maine. It is a crime for them to not have more green space to enjoy.

Also, I'm totally sick of all the dirt that gets tracked into our house. I mean, I'm ok with dirt to a point, but COME ON. Once the grass actually grows in and the kids are not head to toe mud every time they come back inside from playing, we are so renting a carpet cleaner. It's pointless to clean the carpets just yet, though.

In this shot, you can see where our little patio will be.

It's a bit more than the space that is in shadow (the line will come straight out from house, rather than diagonal, the way the shadow is). Our current thought is a brick patio with granite accents, also, a brick and granite walkway with granite stepping stones connecting the walkway and patio. We hope to start on those projects soon so we don't lose the momentum. (To be fair, when I say "we" I mean Curtis and whoever else we can rope into helping. I play a strictly supportive/cheerleading/snack-and-drinks-getting role. Somebody has to stay inside with the kids.)
In the future, probably next year, we (Curtis) will build a pergola over the patio so there will be shady spot to put a table and chairs. I can't wait!
Here he is, watering the "lawn" - a.k.a. dirt with grass seed. (Cross your fingers for the grass seed.)
He is so tired. Poor guy.


Gwennie said...

It is looking great Ab....soon I may take some pix and post them of our house and "projects". BTW I love seeing Kathryn in Emma's old shirt :) Seriously makes me happy and a bit misty eyed :) I love you and miss you guys all the time xoxo

Anonymous said...

I too am working on growing grass. My problem is not asphalt, but an excess of shade. But I can't wait for my kids to be running around in grass rather than mud. Good luck.

Oh--and you totally underestimate the charm of a trapezoidal patio; everyone does rectangle--it's so boring.

Katie Casas said...

Dirt piles might not be so fun for you, Abbey, but they sure are fun for kids. :)