Friday, May 14, 2010

Deep thought and annoying kid

Vivian: (While hanging upside down off the couch) "Everything is upside down!"
Kathryn: "If everything is upside down, you are the one who is upside down."



Dexter is getting on my last nerve. When he isn't being sweet and loving and adorable, he is wacking his sisters on the head, throwing peas, dumping out an entire container of Q-tips, grabbing toys out of his sisters' hands, eating soap (?!), catapulting off the couch and cutting his head open and any number of other frustrating things. I am getting tired of yelling "Dex-TER!!"

Our girls just don't do stuff like this.


Gwennie said...

Thats what makes him HIM :)

Elizabeth said...

Sounds like every other little boy I know! My sister had two daughters, and one son. He is the youngest, and everything you just wrote, he has done :) She is constantly amazed at how her girls were so well behaved and played quietly with their toys, while the boy is constantly doing something naughty!

My Ugly Garden said...

Boys definitely have a different energy than girls! Some days I'm surprised we haven't been to the Urgent Care with our son more than we already have. I think their guardian angels work overtime.

Katie Casas said...

That picture sure is cute though!