Thursday, May 20, 2010

Theological questions and GRASS!

Kathryn: "Mom, I know Heavenly Father created Jesus Christ, but who created Heavenly Father?"
Mom: "That's a good question and I don't have the answer for that."
Kathryn: (Contemplative silence.) "Mom, what's a myth?"

Oh dear.

Mom: "It's an old story that people think is true but is not."
Kathryn: "Maybe Jesus is a myth."
Mom: "Some people think so, but I don't."

More discussion follows (including "What did it look like before Heavenly Father created everything? Was it just all white?"), but man! She is still only four years old, friends! If this is what she is coming up with now, what do we have in store for us?

For those who are wondering, Curtis swears this is not his doing. He said they discussed some Greek mythology about a month ago, but this line of thinking is all her own.

On to other news...


It started coming up yesterday and we are very excited. I planted some flowers today (gladiolas, freesia, irises and a peony bush) and I hope they take, too. I'm really starting to plan out the garden scheme, and though it will take years for things to really get filled out, I'm excited for the potential.

Here, Betty is literally climbing the walls to get outside where her siblings are playing. She had been outside for hours already and I took her out after dinner, but at this moment she needed to be inside with me.

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My Ugly Garden said...

A perfect answer to a perfectly honest question. Good job, Mom!

Grass is looking good too.