Monday, May 10, 2010


Our Sunday in photos:

Betty and her pals having their own Relief Society meeting.

All the Primary children came in at the end of Relief Society to sing "I am a Child of God" to the women for Mother's Day. It was quite cute. Viv swayed back and forth the whole time she was singing.
Kathryn was very appropriate (of course) and folded her arms reverently. Dex is clueless.

I promised the kids we could make cupcakes when we got home from church. We made them pink, inspired by a book the kids got from the library called "Pinkalicious" where a little girl eats too many pink cupcakes, turns pink and then has to eat a lot of green food to turn back.

Dex was very helpful putting an assortment of cupcake papers in the tins.

This is an example of his fine work.

They had lots of fun eating cupcakes, especially Dex, who seemed to think that the proper way to do things was to pulverize his cupcake to a fine dust and then spread it around on the ground. Perhaps it was his way of protesting the uber-pink cupcakes.


Our little family said...

Betty and her little friends are all wearing white sweaters, how cute! I'm guessing the one in the right corner is Aris, who's the one standing and eating a pen? Your kids are just adorable! They'll have to come play again when I'm visiting Maine.

Anonymous said...

Are green cupcakes needed now?